Friday, April 30, 2010

La Balanga - La Balanga

This is most suitable obscure song for the Eve of The First of May. This day has always been the ultimate Party Day in Finland. So here's some party music. Päivi Paunu (see earlier entry) recorded "La Balanga" in 1975. It was released on the B-side of her cover of Carpenters' "Only Yesterday". In the recording she was joined by a mysterious "Talonmies" (Janitor), who provided most of the partying effects. The original "La Balanga" was the follow-up single of mega hit "El Bimbo" (featured in Finnpicks, here) for the French studio group Bimbo Jet. It tried quickly to cash-in on the huge success of it's predecessor, but failed. As you can hear, the tune has some similarities to "El Bimbo", and the man behind the music was again Claude Morgan.

Here's the pair:

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