Thursday, April 1, 2010

Finche la barca va - Sattuma kuljettaa

Berit (b. Tuula Härmä) recorded "Sattuma kuljettaa" (Driven by coincidence) in 1972. It was her first hit single. Berit had started her career already as a 14-year old in the 60's, and made her first recording in 1969. Her most successful period was in the 80's. Although she did one acclaimed disco-album, her strong line was the schlagers. I've always assumed that this song was a Finnish one but actually it was of Italian origin and called "Finche la barca va" (Until the boat goes). It was performed by Orietta Berti (b. Orietta Galimberti). in 1970 and it is her best known song. It placed 3rd in the popular "Un disco per l'estate" contest. Orietta has had many hits in Italy in 60's, 70's and 80's, but she has never really broken through internationally. Both the Finnish and Italian lyrics are partly based on the old fable of "The Ant and The Cricket".

p.s. I'm now leaving for a holiday trip and there are no Finnpicks for about a week.

Here's the pair:

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