Friday, April 23, 2010

Well Hello - Katos vaan

Leo Luoto (see earlier entry) never really made it to the premier league of Finnish pop singers. But nevertheless he recorded many nice songs and cover versions in particular. This "Katos vaan" (Well, I never) from the year 1973 is one of those. The lyrics were written by Chrisse Johansson. The original song was called "Well Hello" and it was performed and written by Steve Voice and Peter Yellowstone (b. Peter Papini), known simply as Yellowstone and Voice. The duo was formed in 1972 in London. Their minor hits were “Philosopher", “Grandmother Says” and this "Well hello", neither of which was hit in Finland. Their career as a group lasted only for an album and a couple of singles. They continued as songwriters, most notable writing the famous Kelly Marie hit “Feels like I’m in Love”. Steve Voice later formed the band Revolver and Peter Yellowstone wrote or co-wrote several hits for Joe Dolan.

Here's the pair:

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