Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pink Lemonade - Kuin kukka sä oot

Psychedelia was not very popular genre in Finnish music. I was quite surprised to discover a song that was recorded by Markku Suominen (not much psychedelia in him), the origin of which was in the psychedelia/sunshine pop genre. Markku recorded "Kuin kukka sä oot" (You're like a flower) in 1971 for his first album. It was perhaps a bit out-of-date as the days of the Flower Power were already long gone. But the song is still pleasent to listen to. The original song "Pink Lemonade" was written by Paul Leka. He is best known for writing the two smash hits "Green Tambourine" (finnpicked here) and "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye". This "lemonade" song was the first single by a group called Peppermint Rainbow, but didn't chart at all. PR was an American sunshine pop group from Baltimore, Maryland. They did couple of singles and a mildly succesful album and folded in 1970.

Here's the pair:

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