Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bud - Kurkunleikkajien yö

This song is remembered by many but heard by few. "Kurkunleikkaajien yö" (The night of the throat cutters) has become some kind of cult classic, becouse of it's obscurity and odd lyrics (by Juha "Junnu" Vainio"). It was recorded by Kari Häme in 1968. Kari's recording career was only two years long, consisting of mere two singles. This song was on his first single. I don't know why Juhan Vainio decided to write lyrics about throatcutting, while the original dealt with a completely different subject. It was an instrumental tune called simply "Bud", recorded by Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass (finnpicked before, see here) in 1967 on their album "Herb Alpert's Ninth". This mournful, minor-key melody was written "In memory of our dear friend Ervan (Bud) Coleman" (who had died from surgery complications, albeit not throat cutting I guess, before the album was completed). Bud Coleman was the composer of several Brass tunes (notably "Tijuana Taxi") and also played guitar and mandolin and several TJB tracks.

Here's the pair:

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