Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Elephant Song - Ihminen on tehnyt sen

Pasi Kaunisto (see earlier entry) released "Ihminen on tehnyt sen" (It was caused by man) as a single in 1976. It was a minor hit and one of the first 'environment-aware' pop songs in Finland. The elephant in the original song was changed in Juha Vainio's lyrics into bear, that was more at home in Finnish nature. The original "The Elephant Song" was of Dutch origin. It was written by Hans van Hemert, a music producer and songwriter, Mouth & MacNeal and Luv' being the greatest pop acts he produced. He composed also three songs for the Eurovision Song Contest. "The Elephant Song" was made famous by Kamahl , which is the stage name of Kandiah Kamalesvaran, an Australian singer, born in Malaysia. In 1975 the song hit number one in Dutch and Belgian charts. The song was used in the soundtrack of a World Wildlife Fund TV documentary.

Here's the pair:

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