Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shoes - Kunnon maalaishäät

Frederik has recorded many odd songs in his long career. This is one example of those. "Kunnon maalaishäät" (Real rural wedding) was a track on his album "Se jokin minulla on" in 1975. The album was full of cover songs of which the version of "Kung Fu Fighting" was most popular and this "Kunnon maalaishäät" most obscure. The unusual lyrics were provided Vexi Salmi. The original song "Shoes" (or "She Didn't Forget Her Shoes" in some sources) was a minor (and only) hit for American singer Reparata (b. Mary Aiese O'Leary), formerly known as the lead singer of the girl group Reparata and The Delrons. "Shoes" was unlike anything else in the charts at that time, and was not in any definable genre. Described as a "bizarre wedding song" (same can be said of the Finnish version), the lyrics tell the story of Johnny and Louise's wedding day, and the contributions of various relatives and friends to the wedding. The song is not about shoes, although it does include the line "Mother didn't give her abuse / she didn't forget her shoes".

Here's the pair:

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