Monday, April 19, 2010

How Are Things In California - Kuinka voit sä kaukomailla

Seidat was one of a rare breed; a Finnish female vocal group that had a short succesful career mainly in the 70's. This trio of Kiviharju sisters Raisa, Eeva and Suvi started their musical career in the late 60's and released 5 singles and 1 album during the years 1968-1979. This "Kuinka voit sä kaukomailla" (How are you, in that faraway country?) was the B-side of their fourth single in 1972. On the A-side was their version of instrumental smash hit "Popcorn". Both songs went unnoticed. Eeva Kiviharju has made a career also as a songwriter, e.g. writing 5 songs for the Finnish national preliminaries for Euroviosn Song Contest in 1977-1990. The song that Seidat covered was "How Are Things In California" was a minor hit for Nancy Sinatra in 1969 reaching number 17 in the US Adult Contemporary Charts.

Here's the pair:

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