Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stop The Music - Soitto seis

Yesterday we presented the last waltz in Finnpicks. Well, today is the Last Tango in Finnpicks. The Finns have for long time been a 'Tango Nation'. This was especiaklly true in the first part of the 60's. There was even some bad conflicts between the fans of tango and fans of the aspiring beat anf pop music. Here's an example how a pop tune was turned to a Finnish tango. Eino Grön recorded "Soitto seis" (Stop playing) in 1964 to the Finnish lyrics of Saukki Puhtila. Since then this song has been versioned in Finnish many many times. But the most popular version, which also was a big hit Finland, was done by the Swedish pop group Lenne & The Leekings in 1965. Of the numerous Finnish beat covers we present here the latest one, done by Anza Mertaranta All Stars, featuring our famous sports commentator Antero Mertaranta in drums. The original "Stop The Music" was hard to find. And I'm not sure if this one from 1963 by British pop singer Dick Jordan is the original one. Dick released several cover somgs in the end of 50's and in the beginning of 60's on a budget record label. This was his first attempt to break through with original material. Well, he didn't do it in UK, but.was it was a number one hit in Turkey ...

Only 3 Finnpicks to go.

Here's the triplet:

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