Friday, October 9, 2009

Manuel Goodbye - Tavataanko taas

This time we present a piece of music that recent years has been labeled as 'Eurotrash'. This is from the 80's, a decade of pre-Eurotrash. Well, trash or not, hugely popular this kind of music was. Eini recorded "Tavataanko taas" (Should we meet again) in 1983 for her album "Aika pakkaus". It was not released a single, but it has some staying power anyway. The original song was of German production and was performed by US actress and singer Audrey Landers (b. Audrey Hamburg). This ong was her first big hit and she has earned 10 gold singles, 4 gold albums and 2 platinum albums (mainly in Europe) since. However, Audrey is probably best known for playing the role of Afton Cooper in the television soap opera 'Dallas' from 1981 to 1984.

Here's the pair:

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pgh said...

Kaikki on suhteellista.
Audrey Landers on edelleenkin todella iso stara Saksassa ja keikkailee siellä vuosittain.
Jossain vaiheessa jollei edellenkin asui siellä myös.

Einin versio on kylläkin ihan trashia pahimmillaan. Mutta kiitokset
sulle sen kaivamisesta- itse olin ihan unohtanut, että tottakai tämänkin joku visersi suomeksi .)