Saturday, October 10, 2009

Help (Get Me Some Help) - Taas laulu kun soi

We have presented a long line of Finnish male singers with single-first-name-in-english monikers; Danny, Johnny, Robin, Dave ... Now it's time to introduce Peter. (b. Pekka Parviainen). He recorded only three singles in 1969-1972, and none of them was any great success. Which is a pity, because at least this last one of those three "Taas laulu kun soi" (When there's songs played again) in 1972 deserved to be a hit. The original came from Spain. "Help Get Me Some Help" (originally "Help! ayúdame!") was a worldwide hit in for Tony Ronald. Tony was born as Siegfried Andre Den Boer Kramer in Holland but moved in the 60's to Spain (Barcelona). In 1971 he had his breakthrough with winning a Spanish song festival in Tenerife and recording this song composed by his (and ours, see earlier entry) friend Daniel Vangarde.

Here's the pair:

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