Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fröken Johansson och jag - Neiti Sievänen ja minä

Brita Koivunen (see previous entry) released the song "Neiti Sievänen ja minä" (Miss Sievänen and I) as a single in 1961. It wasn't the first recorded Finnish version of this song, but it is the most known by far. And a great hit for Brita. The witty and humorous lyrics (by Sauvo Puhtila) tell the tale of the dangers of reaching too high in love life. The original was a song "Fröken Johansson och jag" (Miss Johansson and I) written by the Swedish legendary singer, songwriter, actor and playwright Thore Skogman. He has been previously finnpicked, see the entry here. The 'Miss Johansson' was one Clara Johansson, who owned a bakery shop that Thore used to visit. The song was a best-selling Swedish hit in 1960 for Lily Berglund. I have not got hold of that version, so we listen to the 'next best', a version done by Thore Skogman himself.

Here's the pair:

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