Friday, August 21, 2009

Dum Dum - Dum dum

We start now a mini-series that will pop up every now and then. It's called "Both Sides Now" and in it we present both sides of a particular single. On the flip side of yesterday's Finnpick "Piiri pyörii" Johnny performed another early disco song "Dum dum". The lyrics were done by Pertti Reponen and arrangements by another 'old-timer' Esko Linnavalli. The original came all the way from Argentina. An Argentinian beat group called Kingston Karachi had South American hit with "Dum Dum" in 1971. The song became also a hit in Spain, both in original and in Spanish cover versions. I guess it was frequently played in tourist resorts and gradually the popularity of the driving song spread all over Europe. The song has Afro influences and at least partly sung in some African language.

Here's the pair:

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