Thursday, August 13, 2009

Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Saiskos pluvan

In addition to Simo Salminen (finnpicked yesterday) , Vesa-Matti "Vesku" Loiri was one of the regular members of Spede Pasanen's 'wild bunch'. Vesku (see previous entry) has been entertaining Finns more than 40 years now. He is multi-talented musician, singer, comedian, actor and who know's what else ... He has recorded several novelty songs, but lately concentrated on more serious pop and chansons. In 1968 Vesku released single with "Saiskos pluvan" (May I have 'tis dance) on it, and it became an instant hit. The original was one in the surprisingly long row of instrumentals that have had a vocal version in Finnish. The tune called "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" was written by bluegrass artist Earl Scruggs in 1949 and was recorded by Scruggs with Lester Flatt and the Foggy Mountain Boys. On it, Scruggs plays a Gibson Granada 5-string banjo, while Flatt is playing lead guitar. It was used as background music in the 1967 movie 'Bonnie and Clyde', especially in the car chase scenes. And I guess that was the trigger for Vesku's cover version.

Here's the pair:

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