Friday, August 14, 2009

Pollution - Voi saasta

Let's take another ride with Vesku Loiri. In 1970 he released a single that was extraordinary as it covered two songs from the same artist. On the B-side was "Kansallinen toveruusviikko" (National brotherhood week) and on the A-side this "Voi saasta" (Oh, pollution). The sharp lyrics were written - surprisingly - by a veteran lyricist Sauvo Puhtila. Both songs were originally written and performed by US satirist, songwriter and mathematician Tom Lehrer. They both were written for the television series 'That Was The Week That Was', but these and other his songs were performed in somewhat censored form. In order to give the public the chance to hear the original lyrics, Tom recorded a live album called 'That Was The Year That Was' in 1965. This "Pollution" might be the first popular song about air and water pollution.

Here's the pair:

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