Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blossom Lady - Vuosikertaa

The Queen of Covers in 70's, Lea Laven recorded "Vuosikertaa" (Vintage) in 1972. Arrangement was done by future master arranger and songwriter Veikko Samuli. And this was one of the 8 (!) Shocking Blue covers that Lea did in that year. There are altogether 12 Robert H. J. Van Leeuwen -written songs covered in Finland and of those, Lea has done three out of four. Perhaps her voice has some similarity to Mariska Veres'. I bet we hear more of these in the future Finnpicks. Well, this "Vuosikertaa" was Shocking Blue's 1971 hit "Blossom Lady". This Dutch band was formed in 1967 by the guitarist Robbie van Leeuwen. The band's name was inspired by an Eric Clapton track called "Electric Blue". The lead vocalist Mariska Veres' vocal style was quite different from most female singers of the day. Mariska was half-Hungarian and half-German, and had often sung with her father, who played violin in a gypsy orchestra.

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