Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lily the Pink - Tenkka-tenkka-poo

Simo Salminen has been one of longest-running Finnish comedians. In the 1960's he started with another Finnish comedy master Spede Pasanen, doing TV Shows and movies. He always was the side-show character, but he was a better singer than Spede (not much ;-)) and therefore he even cut some novelty singles. He recorded "Tenkka-tenkka-poo" (hard to translate, but means something like "Wait a minute, I need to think ...") in 1968. The lyrics - as nearly always on his records - were done by Jukka Virtanen (see previous entry). The original song was an old British traditional rugby song called "Lily the Pink". It was made famous by the group named The Scaffold. The group was a result of the meeting of Michael McCartney (brother of Beatle Paul), who changed his name to Mike McGear to avoid accusations of coat-tailing, and Post Office engineer John Gorman. Their lineup filled out with Roger McGough. The Scaffold blended absurd humor with catchy songs and made chart-topping singles. Their biggest success was "Lily the Pink" which featured Jack Bruce on bass. In 1973, the Scaffold officially ceased to exist, being blended into a group called Grimms.

Here's the pair:

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