Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mama Loo - Mama Loo

Jouko & Kosti (see earlier entry) recorded "Mama Loo" in 1973 when the new European Disco sound was breaking. After couple of less succesful singles this was sort of a come-back. The original "Mama Loo" was big European hit for Les Humphries Singers in 1973. The Les Humphries Singers was formed in Hamburg, Germany by the English born Les Humphries. The group consisted of a large number of singers of diverse ethnic origin, one of them being Liz Mitchell, who later fronted Boney M. This "Mama Loo" - a Les Humphries composition - was based on "Barbara Ann" by The Beach Boys. The group represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1976 with the Ralph Siegel song "Sing Sang Song", reduced to only six singers (usual line-up was at least 20 singers), and came in 15th place.

Here's the pair:

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