Thursday, August 27, 2009

Set Me Free - Et mua saa

There are over 300 Finnpicks presented already and we haven't heard of the legendary covers band The Clifters yet. We correct that shameful omission now and present "Et mua saa" (You can't have me) from the year 1987. The Clifters was formed in 1979 with lead singer and guitarist Jiri Nikkinen as the driving force. Their first single was released in 1984 and first album "Kuningas" (The King) in 1987. This and the following album "Kuningatar" included some cover songs but the great breakthrough came in 1989 with "Sexi on in" (Sex is in) -album that contained nothing but covers. Clifters copied the original sound and performance very carefully, but the lyrics made by Jaana Rinne, were far from the original ones. These odd little stories written in peculiar 'street language' brought the band the street credibility they otherwise may never have gained as a covers band. This "Et mua saa" was one of their first covers and originally written as "Set Me Free" by Ray Davies. And his band Kinks released it as their 7th single in 1965.

Here's the pair:

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