Saturday, August 1, 2009

Silhouettes - Sinulle

Tuomari Nurmio (b. Hannu Juhani Nurmio) is regarded as one of the most original Finnish singer-songwriters. "Tuomari" means a judge in Finnish. Nurmio adopted this nickname, since he has a master's degree in law. His music draws on the traditions of American country, blues and roots music, adding them his own energy. His lyrics have romantic, humorous undertones, often depicting the dark side of urban life. Nurmio rarely performs or records any covers, But in 1995 after getting interested in Karaoke culture he recorded an album of cover versions called "Karaokekuningas" (Karaoke king). One of its songs was "Sinulle" (For you). The original was called "Silhouettes" and a performed by a doo wop group called The Rays. It was an American group formed in New York in 1955, and active in the 1950s. Their biggest hit single was this "Silhouettes," a moderately-slow doo wop piece of pop music that reached number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1957, Bob Dylan also recorded "Silhouettes" during his legendary Basement Tapes sessions of the late '60s, but that version remains unreleased.

Here's the pair:

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