Monday, August 3, 2009

I Woke Up In Love This Morning - Valvoin tänään aamukuuteen

One of the better hit singles for Danny was in November 1971 recorded "Valvoin tänään aamukuuteen" (Today I stayed up til' six in the morning). The driving arrangement was done by Jaakko Salo. Again, the original song wasn't hit in Finland, but Danny picked it up for covering anyway. The original song was called "I Woke Up In Love This Morning". It was performed by US "TV group" The Partridge Family. "The Partridge Family" was an American television sitcom about a widowed mother and her five children who took on a music career. The series was originally broadcast from 1970 to 1974 (It has never been broadcast on Finnish TV). The show was produced by Screen Gems, which at the time was just finishing its run with The Monkees, another show about a fictional musical group. Despite the fictional nature of the "band", the Partridge Family's records sold very well. The lead singer "Keith Partridge", played by David Cassidy, made later a hugely succesful career as a solo singer - and under his own name.

Here's the pair:

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