Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fröken fräken - Pikku neiti porvoolainen

Matti Heinivaho (see previous entry) had a big hit with "Pikku neiti porvoolainen" (Little Miss from Porvoo) in 1965. The song is a tribute to that year's Miss Finland, Virpi Miettinen, who's home town was Porvoo. Virpi was a runner-up in both Miss Europe and Miss Universe Paget. The original song originated from Sweden and was called "Fröken fräken" (Miss freckles). It was written and performed by a Swedish singer, composer, lyricist, actor and musician, Thore Skogman in 1963, and was a tribute to beauties of Värmland. He got an idea of the song while reading a magazine and spotting a picture of red-haired girl with freckles. (no, it wasn't Pippi Longstocking). The song became smash hit in Sweden in 1964 when performed by pop group Sven-Ingvars.

Here's the triplet:

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Anonymous said...

Hello and thank you for this posting. I am making a radio documentary in Australia about several Miss Finlands and would love an mp3 of pikku neiti porvoolainen. I couldn't make the attached mp3 play properly. Have you any suggestions or would you be willing to email me an mp3 of the song? I work for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
Many thanks
Natalie Kestecher
email kestecher.natalie@abc.net.au