Thursday, February 26, 2009

You Really Got Me - Paha tyttö

Anki (see previous entry) recorded "Paha tyttö" (Bad girl) in 1964. Anki was in those days in close collaboration with Österberg Brothers, Bosse and Robert (see previous entry), and the Finnish lyrics in this song are by Bosse. The song is quite different from the original, with an exciting arrangement and magical performance by Anki, which is miles away from her folk song offerings. The original was the first smash hit for The Kinks , "You Really Got Me" . It was released as the group's third single, in August 1964, and reached Number 1 on the UK singles chart. This song was heavily influential on later rock and roll musicians, particularly in the heavy metal genre. It even has been said that this track "invented heavy metal".

p.s. this is FINNPICK number 200!

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