Monday, July 14, 2008

Footprints in the Snow - Nellyn palmikko

The folk music movement took Finland by the storm in the beginning of the 60's. Among the first pioneers were the Österberg brothers Lars and Robert. The cut a couple of unsuccesful singles, but they hit big in 1964 as Bosse & Robert and with the song "Nellyn palmikko" (Nelly's pigtail). It tells a story of a young man climbing up to his girlfriend's quarters with the help of her long pigtail hanging out of the window. And what happens, when ... The brothers later joined forces with Anki (Lindqvist) and made several hits as a trio. Words and music for the original song "Footprints in the Snow" were done by Harry Wright already in 1880's in USA. It has been a bluegrass standard since, but it was popularized by Bill Monroe and his band when recording it in 1939. The girl Nelly is the same in Finnish and US versions, but the story is different. One can wonder why, becouse the "Snow" -theme would have suited well for Finns ;-).

Here's the pair:

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