Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Guarda che luna - Hopeinen kuu

Perhaps the most famous Finnish singer of all times has been Olavi Virta. His most productive time period was in the 50's, when he was not only recording and performing but also acting in starring role in several movies. The song that always makes us to remember Olavi Virta is "Hopeinen kuu" (The silvery moon). He recorded it in 1960 with the background singing group Nordias. I guess the majority of Finns know the words and melody of this song by heart. The original 'moon' -song was sung by Italian legendary singer and actor Fred Buscaglione (or just 'Fred') in 1958 and it was called "Guarda che luna" (Look at the moon). Fred was killed in a car accident in 1960, when he was only 39 years old.

Here's the pair:

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