Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mr. Loving Luggage Man - Meni remonttiin

Under just 2,5 years of existence Topmost managed to cut 6 singles and 1 album, and was the most populat pop group in Finland in 1967. The group sang usually in English but all their biggest hits were in Finnish. The drummer of the group Kristian "Kisu" Järnström had success as a solo artist in the 70's. The 6th and last single of Topmost was "Meni remonttiin" (Went in repair) in 1968. The original was done by a little-known British group Young Idea. The group was actually a duo (Tony Cox & Douglas MacCrae-Brown) whose cover of The Beatles' "With A Little Help From My Friends" was a Top Ten hit in 1967. "Mr. Loving Luggage Man" was the follow-up single in the same year, but didn't have success in charts. Which is quite peculiar, becouse it's very catchy song. Don't know how they picked up in Finland (perhaps from Pirate Radio?), but I'm glad they did. This record is nowadays even harder to find, and the version you hear here is a bit scratchy, sorry about that.

Here's the pair:


pgh said...

Bob Azzam nimisen kaverin cover- nousi Ruotsissa hitiksi ja sitä kautta se bongattiin myös meillä.
Kersantti Pippurin kertomaa.

DM said...

Varmasti niin on käynyt, että "Mustapha" Azzamin versio on se joka on koveroitu. Näkyy olevan 'New Sounds' -albumilla, joka on julkaistu Ruotsissa 1968.