Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quando vedrai la mia ragazza - Odota en

Ann Christine (real name Ann-Christine Nyström) was perhaps the first Finnish female modern pop singer. Her contemporaries in the start of 1960's were singing mostly 'schlagers'. But Ann Christine was a real pop girl - a 'ye-ye girl' - if you like. She recorded this "Odota en" (I will not wait) in 1964 as a b-side of her 6th single. She performed on the Eurovision contest in 1966 in Luxemborg with the song "Playboy". The original song was (again) from San Remo music festival. In 1964 festival the song "Quando vedrai la mia ragazza" (When you see my girl) was performed by Little Tony and Gene Pitney. As we already have presented Little Tony earlier, let's now listen to Gene.

Here's the pair:

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