Monday, July 7, 2008

Auf der strasse nach süden - Villi vapauden kaipuu

Let's hear some more from Taiska. She recorded a song called 'Villi vapauden kaipuu' in 1980 published in the eponymous album. This perky dance beat tune originated from Germany, and was performed by Tony Marshall (real name Herbert Anton Hilger) in 1978 with the title 'Auf der strasse nach süden' (On the south-bound road) . The song became known all around the world when David Hasselhof recorded it in 1989 as 'Looking For Freedom'. The freedom theme made the song a symbolic song for when the Berlin Wall was torn down in November 1989.

Here's the triple:


Anonymous said...

onko tää kappale saksalaisten Väsäämä < mahtoiko saksan vexi salmi eli ralph siegel olla tämän takana

Arrowman said...

Label marks tells us that the track is written by - Jack White - Jon Athan -> Ariola - Vinyl,7",45 RPM
Catalog#:15 858 AT