Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pesnya o druge - Tuulella ei ole ystävää

The Finns have always had a fling for sad slavic ballads. Heikki Aarva recorded one of those in 1963, and it was titled 'Tuulella ei ole ystävää' (The wind has no friend). The warm-voiced Heikki was working for Finnish Television as editor and producer and he had a quite short career as a singer. But this song has become a classic. It was originally a Russian song called 'Pesnya o druge' (Song about friend) from the 1962 movie 'Put k prichalu' (aka Road to Berth) directed by famous Georgian director Georgija Danelija. The song was performed - sung and whistled - by Eduard Hill, a renowned Russian singer from St. Petersburg.

Updated on 15.01.2011: added Tapio Rautavaara's version (1963), with different Finnish lyrics.

Here's the triplet:

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