Tuesday, July 29, 2008

To Make A Big Man Cry - Saat miehen kyyneliin

Jormas was perhaps the biggest pop and rock group in Finland in the 60's. Originally called as the Beatmakers, they were renamed after their manager Jorma Weneskoski. The song "Saat miehen kyyneliin" (You make a man shed tears) was recorded in June of the year 1966. The song became their 5th single, and first one to be sung in Finnish. It was at the time exceptional production, adding strings and horns to the rock sound of Jormas. This combination and the powerful vocals of the lead singer Pepe Willberg and harmonies of the group made the song a big, big hit and it has remained popular ever since. The original was recorded by P. J. Proby (real name James Marcus Smith) in his 1965 album 'P.J. Proby ... In Town'. The song was written by Les Reed and later recorded also by Tom Jones.

Here's the pair:

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Olisiko tämä kombinaatio mahdollista saada vielä mukaan ?

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