Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Love - Rakkauteni

Laila Kinnunen was the female pop artist most in demand, in the end of 50's and in the first half of the 60's. In addition to recordings she appeared in numerous TV shows performing songs that never were released on record. Fortunately some of those TV Show appearances have been recorded and restored, and have been recently published on CD. The song "Rakkauteni" (My love) was one of those (probably from the year 1966). One can only wonder why it was never released as a single at the time, becouse it certainly would have been worth it. The original "My Love" was penned by Tony Hatch and sung by Petula Clark. It was released in 1965 and eventually went all the way to number one in USA. Petula was initially a British child star. During World War II she became known as "Britain's Shirley Temple" and a mascot for the British Army, whose troops plastered her photos on their tanks for luck as they advanced into battle. Later in the 60's she of course became an international pop superstar.

Here's the pair:

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Anonymous said...

Petula itse ei pitänyt tuosta kappaleesta ja piti sitä "tylsänä" laulaa.
Hän oli pyytänyt äänitys-session jälkeen, ettei sitä levytettäisi.
Pomonsa oli sanonut "Trust me baby" ja lopun sai lukea listoilta ;)

Itse kyllä pidän tuosta kappaleesta ja niin piti muutama miljoona muutakin.

Myös Lailan versio hyvä.