Saturday, February 14, 2009

Amigos para siempre - Ystäväsi aina

As today is Valentines Day, which in Finland is called "Ystävän Päivä" (Friends Day), I think it's a perfect time to present a song that depicts the theme of the day very well. Meiju Suvas (see previous entry) recorded "Ystäväsi aina" (Always your friend) in 1993. The original song "Amigos para siempre" (Friends forever) was no less than the Official Barcelona Olympic Theme composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and performed at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain in 1992 by Sarah Brightman and José Carreras. The lovely voice of Sarah's blends well with Jose's. Later a music group from Barcelona, called 'Los Manolos' made a driving rumba version of this majestic song and had a huge pop hit with it. And this was the version that Meiju covered.

Here's the triple:

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