Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Someone's Taken Maria Away - Ei se pelaa joka pelkää

Robin (see previous entry) got a big hit in 1968 with the song he recorded in 1967, "Ei se pelaa joka pelkää" (The one who fears does not gamble). Clean sails). The song he covered was also popular allover Scandinavia - "Somebody's Taken Maria Away" by the Swedish group Tom & Mick and The Maniacs. However it was not the original version of this Chris Andrews composition. The original with slightly different title "Someone's Taken Maria Away" was done by Britain's early 60's favourite Adam Faith with his backing group the Roulettes in 1965. For some reason the song re-surfaced in Sweden 2 years later and became massive hit and instant classic, which it never was in UK. Tom was Tommy Körberg and Mick was Michael Johansson. The couple parted ways soon after this hit and Mick has since gone in oblivion but Tommy Körberg became famous worldwide for his role in the Benny Andersson–Björn Ulvaeus–Tim Rice musical Chess. He also represented Sweden in the 1969 and 1988 Eurovision Song Contests. Adam Faith (real name Terence Nelhams-Wright) was an English singer, actor and financial journalist. At first he was a teen idol, but eventually turned to top actor and then financial wizard. He was also one of the first UK acts to regularly record original songs, not US covers.

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