Sunday, February 22, 2009

Less Of Me - Liian paljon liian vähän

Both Hector (see previous entry) and Päivi Paunu (see previous entry) were 'products' of the folk movement. As they at the time (1969) shared the same record company, it was no wonder that they eventually recorded together. "Liian paljon liian vähän" (Too much, too little) was the A-side of their one-off single, B-side being the cover of Beatles' "Fool On The Hill". It was not a big success, so there was no future for them to release further duets. The song that Päivi and Hector were covering was "Less of Me" performed by another duo - Glenn Campbell and Billie Gentry. Both were superstars as solo artists so this joint effort was sure to be a hit. And so it was. But not this song but the other side of the single - "All I Have To Do Is Dream", an Everly Brothers cover. "Less of Me" was Glenn's own composition and his own version is somewhat different. We present it here, too.

Here's the triple:

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