Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Prima Ballerina - Prinsessa

Robin (see previous entry) won the Finnish Battle of the Bands in 1965 as the vocalist of Cary and The Teasers. As a result he got a recording contract, and his first record was the cover of the Beatles' "Girl". However it was never released. But later in the 60's Robin recorded many hits, and one of the biggest ones was "Prinsessa" (Princess) in 1969. The original song was the German entry in that ýears Eurovision Song Contest and called "Prima Ballerina" (placed 9th). It was performed by a famous Swedish singer Siw Malmkvist. Siw's breakhrough in Sweden took place in 1959, when she won the singing contest 'Melodifestivalen'. She soon became hugely popular singer in Scandinavia and especially in West Germany. She also played in various movies and TV Shows. Siw Malmkvist has recorded about 600 songs in 10 different languages. She is still an active entertainer in Sweden.

Here's the pair:

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