Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Third Rate Romance - Ekan luokan randevuu

Seppo Närhi released "Ekan luokan randevuu" (First class reindezvous) as a single in 1976. It was a medium size hit for him. The witty lyrics were again done by Hector (see previous entry) like with our previous Närhi -entry. The original song was called "Third Rate Romance" and performed by country rock band Amazing Rhythm Aces, and written by band member Russell Smith. Aces were an American band that has characterized their music as "American Music" — rock, country, blues, folk, reggae and Latino. This song might be categorized as 'latino-country-rock'. It came from their debut album "Stacked Deck", released in 1975, and as a single it was crossover (rock and country) hit.

Here's the pair:

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