Sunday, January 4, 2009

Do You Know How Much I Love You - Tahdon tänään saada

The final entry of our Armi Aavikko -series is "Tahdon tänään saada" (I will get some today). It was also recorded in 1981 and released as a single together with a version of "My Boy Lollipop". Armi's version is quite different from the original. But much more different is another Finnish cover of this same song - made in 1987 by a group called Honey B and the T-Bones. They are both good versions so both deserve to be presented here. The original song was made in the 60's bya a Danish teen boy band The Lollipops. They had tremendous success in Scandinavia in those days, and they were the first teen pop group to break through. The group consisted of brothers Torben and Jörgen Lundgreen, and Poul Petersen. They started in 1960 when they were in their very early teens and when they gained the big success in 1965 they were just around 15. What is remarkable that the brothers Lundgreen wrote most of the bands music, like they did with this "Do You Know How Much I Love You".

Here's the triple:

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