Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Inget stoppar oss nu - Kattojen primadonna

Let's now go from 'Princess' to 'Primadonna'. "Kattojen primadonna" (Primadonna of the rooftops) was recorded by Arja Koriseva in 1995. Arja was a teacher, but after winning the Finnish Tango Queen title in 1989, she has concentrated in her singing career. She has been among the most popular Finnish female artists ever since, and has been awarded 4 platinum records for album sales. Arja is mostly known for her schalagers and ballads, but this 'Kattojen primadonna' is pure dance pop. The driving lyrics are written by our old friend Hector (see previous entry). The song that Arja covered was included in the Colin Nutleys movie ”BlackJack” in 1990, set in the 'dansband' milieu. One of the main 'characters' of the movie was the fictional group Black Jack, that was transformed into a real band after the movie. The film song was called "Inget stoppar oss nu". The original song was entitled "Inget kan stoppa oss nu" and was written by the famous Swedish Eurovision songsmith Lasse Holm (e.g. "Främling" by Carola Häggkvist was his song). It was meant to be in the Swedish preliminaries for Eurovision Song Contest 1987. But it was withdrawn for some reason. However, the Black Jack's version, released in connection of the movie, became massive hit and has become some kind of emblem for the whole Swedish 'dansband' music.

Here's the pair:

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