Saturday, January 3, 2009

Japanese Boy - Iltaloma

Our Armi Aavikko -saga continues. Another of her 1981 recordings was "Iltaloma" (An evening off). It was released as a single with "Kaksi kulkijaa" on the B -side. It was a reasonable hit and lately earned itself a camp status. It's often played in retro-disco shows. The original song was made by a Scottish girl named Aneka (real name Mary Sandeman). She hit number one in the UK singles chart in August 1981 with this "Japanese Boy". She had adapted the name 'Aneka' in a telephone directory, and fashioned a suitable Oriental image for the song. The follow-up song "Little Lady" song failed to chart highly in the UK, securing her the label of 'One Hit Wonder'. The only hit however made her place in pop history. "Japanese Boy" sold 5 million copies around the world.

Here's the pair:

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