Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dunja Du - Käymme yhdessä ain

This time we meet again Tapani Kansa. He had a smash hit with "Käymme yhdessä ain" (We will always be together) in 1968. It was one of the most popular songs of that year and it has been re-released on numerous oldies compilations ever since. And the song has been a standard play at weddings. Tapani may have covered the Swedish version of the song sung by the baritone Gunnar Wiklund, but the original tune was a German one. The song called "Dunja Du" was written and performed by a popular German schlager singer Ronny (real name Wolfgang Roloff) in 1966. He was a skilled recording engineer in the 50's but had sucess also a singer since 1954. At the end of 1963 he adopted the name Ronny and had his first number one hit in Germany "Oh My Darling Caroline" in 1964. Lots of other hits followed and among them "Dunja Du" in 1966.

Here's the pair:

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