Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Jose (Ching, Ching) - Hauska Jose

Now here's something funny. Brita Koivunen was one of the leading ladies in Finnish pop music in the end of 50's and in the beginning of 60's. She started her career in 1954 after winning a singing contest. For 10 years she was releasing many records that became hits, often with jazzy arrangements. Jazz was personally her favourite music genre, but she didn't got the chance to cut a jazz record until 1985. Aside of pop songs she recorded also children songs, and songs that were liked by adults as well children. "Hauska Jose" (Funny Jose) was one of those, and recorded in 1962 with the vocal group Four Cats. The original was called "Happy Jose" and of course best remembered by it's catchy "Ching ching ching, oop-bop a-loop-a loop" -refrase and the laughing bits. It was performed by American band leader Jack Ross (or rather Jack Ross Orchestra) in 1961 and became a small hit for him. But numerous national versions became bigger hits in their respective countries. The tune is mostly instrumental, but broken up by short outbursts of laughter. And it's funny ...

Here's the pair:

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