Thursday, October 30, 2008

Il cuore e uno zingaro - Se syntikö on

Kristian (or his record company) was obviously fascinated with Italian songs. One of the numerous Italo-covers he did, was "Se syntikö on" (Is it a sin), released as a single in 1971. It was not a great success at that time, but many still remember it's enchanting refrain. The original song "Il cuore e uno zingaro" (The heart is a gypsy) was the winning song in Sanremo Music Festival 1971, and as always in Sanremo, presented by two different singers, Nicola Bari and Nada. BTW, the first Finnpick by Kristian ("Seikkailu", see the entry here) was also performed by Nada. This 'cuore' -song won over Jose Feliciano's "Che Sara" and describes the heart being like a gypsy, becouse it just wanders and has no chains. It is among the most beloved Sanremo classics in Italy.

Here's the pair:

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