Wednesday, October 29, 2008

L'edera - Constantly - Päivin öin

One of the most successful Finnish beat groups has been Agents. It was established in 1979. It was playing strictly beat music and guitar pop, and 'by the book'. i.e. in the style it was played in the beginning of 60's, by the Shadows and others. Agents was first purely instrumental group, but since 1981 it has made succesful co-operation with three solo singers. At first with Rauli "Badding" Somerjoki, then with Topi Sorsakoski and until recently, Jorma Kääriäinen. Jorma has also made it as a solo artist. This song "Päivin öin" (Daily nightly) was recorded by Agents & Jorma in 1997. It's a mystery why this fine song hasn't been covered before. The original called "L'edera" (The ivy) was made in Italy and performed by Nella Pizzi in 1959. The song won the song contest "Canzonissima" in that year. It was medium size hit for Cliff Richard in 1964 and was then called "Constantly". I haven't get hold of the Italian original song, but as soon as I do, I put it here.

Updated on 21.02.2010: added the original version

Here's the triplet:


Arrowman said...

In 1958 NILLA was second with "L'edera" in San Remo music festival, while the winner was Domenico Modugno with "Nell' blu di pinto di blu" representin' Italy in ESC. Ther was also another contender with "L'edera", Tonina Torrielli, seems that in early years of "San Remo" there always was two contenders for each song before finals... and ESC representative was chosen among them... don't know, if this is true, but this is my impression

Arrowman said...

T0rriellis version seem to be very hard to find now a days... would be nice to hear that too, if you get your hands to it...