Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mediterranee - Palman mainingit

In her long career, Katri Helena (see previus entry) has so far released 44 albums and compilations and for those, awarded with 4 platinum records and 1 double platinum record! One of the albums that went platinum was "Lady Love" in 1976. It included the song "Palman mainingit" (The sea waves of Palma), that was aso released as a single. The original tune came from France. It was called "Mediterranee" (Mediterranean) and recorded by a Turkish songstress Ajda Pekkan. It was sung in French, as Ms Pekkan at the time tried to make international breakthrough in France (and partly succeeded). The writers of the song were famous French songsmiths Claude Morgan (see previous entry for El Bimbo) and Eddy Marnay (co-writer of "Manchester Liverpool; see this entry). Ajda Pekkan was a superstar in Turkey and wanted very much to be also a worldwide pop star. She was Turkey's representative in 1980 Eurovision Song Contest, but when the song didn't win the contest (as was expected in Turkey) she almost gave up singing and performing. Well, she has since made several come-backs, and is still a popular artist in Turkey.

Here's the pair:


Vedat Gurtan said...

Vould you please email me the Palman Mainingit song. I am the webmester of www.ajdapekkan.com I didn't coma accross this song.

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Vedat Gurtan


DM said...

Hi Vedat,
I sent you "Palman mainingir" as you requested. Hope you like it.