Monday, October 13, 2008

Gunning For The Dog - Mä sorry sano en

The singing baseman Pekka Helin started his career in school bands in the 60's, and turned into professional musician in 1969. He was a often used as a session bassist, but did also gigs in the backing group of Kirka and with his own band. In the 90's he led a r&b band called Soul for Sale. For some reason he published his first solo album just recently (in 2007). His first solo recording however was a single called "Mä sorry sano en" (I wont't say I'm sorry) in 1979, released under the name Helin. It was a time of rockabilly revival and the original song was done by famous British revivalist group Matchbox. The group was very popular in Finland in those years. This particular song is not one of their best-known efforts, but it is definitely a good one. It was from their second LP called "Settin' The Woods On Fire" (1978) and composed by the band's guitar player and main songwriter Steve Bloomfield.

Here's the pair:

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Tää on myös uudestaan levytetty v. 2006 jolloin se julkaistiin HAPPOTEDIT bändin "Mäntsälän Kapinalliset" CD-levyllä. Lisää infoa tuosta: