Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Girl In The Wood - Tyttö metsässä

The legendary Finnish crooner Olavi Virta (see previous entry) probably recorded more covers in the 50' than other Finnish artists combined. One of Olavi's better known songs from those years is "Tyttö metsässä" (Girl in the wood"), released as a single in 1960. The song is also credited to the backing vocal group Nordias. The original song was sung by Frankie Laine (b. Francesco Paolo LoVecchio) in 1951. It was written by Terry Gilkyson, who later wrote the classic "Greenfields". Frankie Laine is perhaps best known for singing well-known theme songs for many Western movies. However, he was not a country & western singer, but rather a singer's singer who sang in variety of song styles and genres, stretching from big band crooning to pop to gospel, to rock, to folk, to jazz and blues, all delivered in his inimitable singing style.

Here's the pair:

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