Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Holiday - Toiveloma

Today's Finnpick honors the start of my summer vacation (tomorrow). And it means that there will be no new posts for a long while. Lasse Liemola (see previous entry) recorded "Toiveloma" (Ideal holiday) in 1963. It was not a big hit but the single was somewhat extraordinary becouse both sides were covers of the same artist's songs and also the song writer was the same on both. "Toiveloma" was cover of "Summer Holiday" and the other side of the single "Tanssikengät" was cover of "Dancing Shoes". Both were originally done by Cliff Richard & Shadows and both were penned by Shadows band member Brian Bennett, the former with Bruce Welch and the latter with Hank Marvin. Additionally, both songs were featured in the "Summer Holiday" music film released in February 1963 The film was the debut direction of Peter Yates. "Summer Holiday" was one of Cliff's biggest hits and it still one of the epitomes in summer records.

Have a nice summer (holiday) you all ...

Here's the pair:


Paavo said...

kolmanneksi kuuluu ehdottomasti Jussi & Boysin Kesämenot, joka on Jussin paljon oivaltavammalla sanoituksella.

DM said...

Hämärästi muistelen, että tämä Jussin versio minulla jossakin jemmassa olisikin. Kun (jos) löydan sen, niin pannaan listan jatkoksi.