Friday, May 15, 2009

Feuer - Palaa

The 1978 Eurovision Song Contest was held in Paris. It was the year when Israel became the clear winner with "A-Ba-Ni-Bi". It resulted in most of the Arabic televison stations ending their transmission of the contest. Jordanian TV finished the show with a photo of a bunch of daffodils on screen, later announcing that the Belgian entry (which finished second) was the winner. The German entry was "Feuer" (Fire) sung by German-British pop singer Ireen Sheer (b. Ireen Wooldridge) finishing 6th after getting 84 points. Finnish Seija Simola (see Finnpick entry here) placed 18th with 2 votes. Ireen sang in the 60's in several UK pop groups, such as The Family Dogg, before she devoted herself from 1970 onwards to her solo career, focused mainly in Germany. The Finnish version of "Feuer" was done by 70's unofficial Finnish Disco Queen Päivi (see previous entry) , and it was called "Palaa" (It burns). Perhaps it was too teutonic song for Finnish taste to receive any greater attention.

Here's the pair:

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