Friday, May 22, 2009

For My Lady - Naiselleni

Pertti Nieminen - better known as Neumann - was the lead singer in the legendary Finnish pop group Dingo. During his solo career he in 1986 recorded "Naiselleni" (For my woman). It was a considerable success, not only becouse of Neumann's Dingo-based fame but also on the count of the beautiful melody and the lyrics written by Neumann himself. It also remained as his biggest solo hit. Neumann is still actively performing with a new line-up of Dingo. The original song was performed by The Moody Blues and was written by group-member and flautist Ray Thomas. It was first released on the 1972 album Seventh Sojourn and later released on the B-side of the single "I'm Just a Singer" in 1973. The song prominently features Ray Thomas on the flute and lead vocals. BTW, The Moody Blues can only perform the song live when they are backed by a live orchestra, since Ray Thomas cannot sing and play the flute at the same time.

Here's the pair:

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