Saturday, May 23, 2009

Comment ça va - Je t'aime je t'aime

Eini (see previous entry) recorded "Je t'aime je t'aime" (I love you, I love you) on her album "Aika Pakkaus" in 1983. It is one of those 'should-have-been-hit' songs, but what can you do... The title of the song was somewhat peculiar, becouse the original French title was "Comment ça va" (meaning something like 'how are you doin’). Perhaps the lyricist Vexi Salmi thought that the Finns don't know more about French than "je t'aime". The original version was made by Dutch teenage boy group The Shorts. Organiser/producer/composer Eddy de Heer scouted new talents and he discovered the band that first appeared as 'De Bliksemafleiders'. In 1982 De Heer wrote "Comment ça va" , which became an international hit in 1983 thanks to the boys, who had by then changed their name to The Shorts. Later it was released in German, French, Spanish and English. A total of four million copies of the song were sold. It was later also translated by foreign (adult) artists and released in Scandinavia, Japan and other countries. The follow-up singles did not match the success of "Comment ça va" and The Shorts stopped playing in 1986,

Here's the pair:


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Am I missing some UPDATE here, most of your old blogs seems not working now, with this new DivShare player, which is a sin, 'cos here is lots of good stuff, you can't find anywhere else... If there were some way to download treasures of your blog, I'm not wear of how, otherwise I would been "waise at long sight" and done it right from the start, when I first time discovered your site. This Eini was working, when I last time was here, now... it doesn't. And same thing with many other older blogs... Would you please inform me, If you know solution to my problem.... Thanks

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Probably the reason why some of those Divshare files are not working, is that they were stored in Divshare at the time when I was a non-paying customer. I guess they have limited storage time for inactive files of free-riding customers.
I might be persuaded to re-upload some non-working songs you specially like to hear ;-). The files are not downloadable becouse of copyright reasons.